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Run ES6 & async/await code in Goolge Cloud Functions

What I will implement

Using Serverless framework, ES6, async and await, I will implement a Google Cloud Function that gets the latest news from New York Times.

I will start with the code from this AWS article as a boilerplate for my Google Cloud Functions.

Add Google Cloud Platform settings

Serverless.yml file will need to contain google cloud platform settings like:

  • provider name will be google instead of aws
  • we’ll need to associate the function to a project which it should be defined in Google Cloud Platform
  • we’ll need to add the path to keyfile used for GCP authentication
  • we’ll need to include and run npm install for serverless-google-cloudfunctions plugin
  • Google Cloud Functions are defined a little different than in AWS. It will be needed a main javascript file that contains all GCP functions definitions. The implementation of the function can be done in different files. There is no restriction regarding that.
service: serverless-es6-gcp-demo

  name: google
  runtime: nodejs   runtime: nodejs8
  region: us-central1
  project: your-google-project
  credentials: ~/.gcloud/keyfile.json

  - serverless-webpack
  - serverless-google-cloudfunctions

    handler: newYorkTimesNews
      - http: newyorktimesnews

      webpackConfig: 'webpack.config.js'
      includeModules: true

Add JavaScript files

index.js file is the entry file that Google Cloud is looking for when running functions.

import NewYorkTimesNews from './NewYorkTimesNews'

export async function newYorkTimesNews(request, response) {
  const newYorkTimesNews = new NewYorkTimesNews()
  const news = await newYorkTimesNews.getLatestTechnologyNews()

NewYorkTimesNews.js file which contains the business logic to retrieve New York Times news. It also contains a reference to an environment variable. Value of the environment variable will be set into the cloud.

import fetch from 'node-fetch'
const NewYorkApiKey = process.env.NewYorkApiKey

export default class NewYorkTimesNews {
  async getLatestTechnologyNews() {
    const url = `${NewYorkApiKey}`
    const response = await fetch(url)
    return await response.json()

Running the function

With all the code ready let’s run the deployment of the function.

npm install
npm install serverless-google-cloudfunctions --save-dev
serverless deploy

In Google Cloud Console we’ll add NewYorkApiKey environment variable like in the following image add environment NewYorkApiKey variable

Run lambda function

Running our lambda function by HTTP url successfully google cloud function run

Full example can be found on GitHub